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[TI-Nspire系列] [搬运]ndless SDK v3.1 r825,原生C++支持

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程序名称: ndless v3.1 r825
平台: TI-Nspire 
系统/软件要求: OS3.1
版本号: 3.1 r825
类型: 其他 
作者: ExtenD
大小(K): 14000
更新日期: 2013-06-18
描述: ~
已知缺陷: ~
源代码: 闭源
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tangrs contributed many months ago to the support of C++ for Ndless with a bFLT loader and patches for the toolchain. Unfortunately the vanilla elf2flt couldn’t handle all the relocations produced by the latest GCC for ARM, including those required when linking with nSDL, hoffa’s port of the Simple DirectMedia Layer library.
I’m today excited to announce:
    Ndless SDK r825 with C++ support and the new bFLT binary format for Ndless programs, which becomes the recommended format to use.
    Ndless r825, required to run programs written with C++ and nSDL
    Ndless SDK YAGARTO/MSYS components r825 for Windows users. Linux users will have to build the elf2flt version provided with the SDK and its prerequisites.
C++ and nSDL now offers interesting opportunities to bring nice software to the TI-Nspire calculator. I have personally tried a quick and dirty port of GDO’s Advanced Tetris:
Porting a simple graphical program means remapping the keys, relaying out the display and other straightforward minor adjustments. Source code is provided for the curious.


搬运成果 ... 8&uk=1226572175

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CPP? Sounds great!
不过我想知道CPP是否支持ISO C++ 11?
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