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[其他] [计算器集合] MyCalcs, a website for all the graphing calculator collections

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Hello all,

I am here today to present to you one of my projects :)
It is not very young (in fact it's been in beta since 2016...) but recently evolved and is more ready to welcome even more members :)

MyCalcs is a website to organize and show your collection of graphing calculators  (regardless of their brand)

Right now, MyCalcs has 222 collector profiles, for a total of 2254 registered calculators (143 distinct out of 269 possible)...

You should know that, for the moment, this website is in fact only a piece of what is happening on the backend, and which will come out later (not finished yet...)

At the beginning, it was only made for TI calcs, but after some time, I added all the graphing calculators that I could find on the internet... so obviously the Casio and HP models, but also for all more peculiar brands.. .

Current Features:
  • Account creation  and login  (there are mods/admins accounts with higher permissions, too)
  • Profile information  (nickname, name, avatar, location, short-bio, links to other community site profiles...)
  • Addition  of new calculators (with multiple identification fields (serial, datecode, revision...) + comment)
  • Variants  of calculators almost all supported (ViewScreen, Colors...) and with specific thumbnails for the most part
  • Quick Facts , summarizing some statistics about the user's collection (total counts, by series...)
  • Global visualization  of the collection, complete (with thumbnail images) + simplified (no images)
  • Filtering/Sorting  of the various tables (click on column, and search bar)
  • Edition  of the collection easily (directly inline, in the table)
  • Export  Text+Excel+Printing for the collection
  • Identity cards  of calculators + picture
  • Design  somewhat  responsive  for mobile users
  • Connection/registration via TI-Planet  with an existing account directly
  • List of collectors , filterable, with some essential statistics
  • Search page  by criteria
  • Visual timeline  of calculators, mostly populated for TI/Casio/HP only for now
  • Discord WebHook  to notify the most keen collectors of new additions, with automatic comparison to the database to find out whether a particular model (TI only) is already known (at the hardware revision level, for the given factory, for the given datecode)
  • ...
Page listing  collectors and page of  profile of a collector :

Page for   editing your profile  , to modify information in the table and   add a calculator  :

More or less important things to do one day and other loose ideas:
  • Global Collections Statistics Page
  • Continue to complete the database to add model variants and various information
  • Continue to add pictures for models (and variants) that do not yet have one
  • Generator of  image-signature
  • Integration with the  TI-Planet profile  (+ chat command) for one's MyCalcs profile
  • API  (probably REST, and read-only, at least)
  • URL rewriting  to have nicer addresses
  • French translation ?
  • ...
If you have any other ideas, please let me know! Anyway, I invite you to register and fill your profile (even if you only have one calculator!)

MyCalcs is available here for all:

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