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HP-50g Calculator Tutorial(HP-50g计算器教程)

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Merv Newton
Thiel College
[size=+1]The calculator that was required until the fall of 2007 for almost all courses starting with Calculus I at Thiel College is the HP-50g. This page contains links to calculator lessons that cover the usage of the calculator in several of those courses. These instructions also apply to the HP-48gII and the HP-49g+ since they work virtually the same as the 50g. Although the Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Thiel has now swiched to Mathematica as it required technology, I continue to update and add material to these tutorials.
[size=+1]These lessons are in PDF format and require the Acrobat Reader which is available free from Adobe.
Lesson 1
   Introduction and
  Basic Operations
Lesson 2
  Functions and Tables
Lesson 3
  Introduction to Graphing
Lesson 4
  More Graphing:
  Choosing the Graph Window
Lesson 5
  Power and Exponential
Lesson 6
  Trigonometric and
  Hyperbolic Functions
Lesson 7
  Bisection Method
Lesson 8
  Finding and Graphing
Lesson 9
  Connectivity and Backup
Lesson 10
  Finding Zeros and
Lesson 11
  Newton's Method
Lesson 12
  Slope Fields
Lesson 13
  Sigma Notation
Lesson 14
  Definite Integral
Lesson 15
  Trapezoidal Rule
  and Simpson's Rule
Lesson 16
  Graphs of Areas
Lesson 17
Lesson 18
Lesson 19
Lesson 20
  Taylor Polynomials
Lesson 21
  Graphing Parametric
Lesson 22
  Polar Coordinates
  and Graphs
Lesson 23
  Random Numbers
  and Custom Menus
Lesson 24
  Function Agreement
Lesson 25
  Basic Vector Operations
Lesson 26
  Cylindrical and
  Spherical Coordinates
Lesson 27
  Vector Calculus
Lesson 28
  Multivariate and
  Complex Functions
Lesson 29
  3 Dimensional Graphics
Lesson 30
  The Matrix Writer
  and Matrix Arithmetic
Lesson 31
  The Matrix Menus
Lesson 32
  Solving Polynomials
Lesson 33
  TOOL and STACK Menus
Lesson 34
  Working with Units
Lesson 35
Lessons 1 through 35 in one file for printing
AllLessons.pdf (434.68 KB, 下载次数: 6)
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