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[fx-CG10/20/50] 一台10年的卡西欧CG20,卡西欧公司内部机,都来看看。求OS更新方法!

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楼主想更新操作系统,结果发现win64的电脑系统 连接不上,然后 win32的连接一次后,消失。
昨晚 用朋友家的XP系统,连接上了。但是系统更新不了啊 ……



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Nice find.
Casio prototypes are really rare compared to TI ones.

Before upgrading it, it would be very interesting to dump OS 0.19.
(even for you : to be able to repair the calculator if the upgrade does fail, to figure out how to patch upgrade files if there are hardware differences...)

There is an add-in for dumping, Insight, with an how-to dump post there :
But unfortunately, all public links to the add-in I've found up to now seem to be broken. Let's wait...

Even if the USB doesn't work for now, you should still be able to send the Isight add-in from another calculator using the serial cable.

By the way, we don't even know if this calculator does support add-ins.
Could we have more pictures and informations about it ?
- pictures of screens which are different
- list of preloaded add-ins and of their versions
- storage memory capacity and free space
- pictures of the PCB

Something which could be done for now, is saving the add-ins if present.
- Send then add-ins to another calculator using the serial cable.
- From that other calculator, send them to the computer and share.
We'll then be able to check if the Insight add-in might need to be patched or not.
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I've now rehosted the Insight tool add-in :

Instructions by TeamFx for the OS dumping :
- start Insight and press [F1] for the memory viewer
- press [F1] again and type in 80000000, press [EXE]
- press [F2] and type in 00200000 (this is the maximum file size), press [EXE]
- this will now take almost 7 minutes (411 sec) to complete
- now leave Insight and connect the calculator to the PC (or rather here, connect to another calculator if USB doesn't work, send the file below, and then connect the other calculator to the PC to move the file)
- move the file MEMORY.BKP onto your Desktop and rename it to M1.BKP
- then disconnect the calculator

- now this has to be repeated another five times...
- start Insight memory viewer
- press [F1], type in 80200000 ... press [F2] and type in 00200000 ... name the desktop file M2.BKP
- press [F1], type in 80400000 ... press [F2] and type in 00200000 ... name the desktop file M3.BKP
- press [F1], type in 80600000 ... press [F2] and type in 00200000 ... name the desktop file M4.BKP
- press [F1], type in 80800000 ... press [F2] and type in 00200000 ... name the desktop file M5.BKP
- press [F1], type in 80A00000 ... press [F2] and type in 00200000 ... name the desktop file M6.BKP

And then, share all six memory files in a zip archive. :)
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