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这个项目的目标是在已有的计算器硬件(HP 50g)上建立一个全新的RPL计算环境/操作系统。
Everyone is invited to test-drive it and provide feedback. Being an early demo there's many things that don't work, some because they aren't implemented yet, and some because they are buggy. I'd appreciate comments on the latter case so we can start debugging this into a more polished product.


What to expect and not to expect:
* There's no menus, but most commands can be typed in alpha mode.
* 目前还没有菜单,但是大部分命令可以用字母输入
* The VARs menu is fully functional. It can be hidden/shown by long-pressing VAR.
* VARs菜单完全可用,可以长按VAR键调出
* No status area yet
* 还没有状态区
* Command line is not multiline yet, and there's no begin/end/cut/copy/paste. Skip word, go to the end, etc. are mostly not implemented yet.

* 命令行不支持多行,也没有begin/end/cut/copy/paste。跳过单词,到结尾等等基本都还没有实现
* Keyboard is mostly functional, but there's keys not bound yet to their commands (like HOME or UPDIR, you have to type them).
* 键盘基本可用,但是有一些键没有绑定到他们的命令(比如HOME或者UPDIR,你需要自己打)
* The new alpha mode will seem very strange at first, but will quickly grow on you.
* 新的alpha模式可能一开始很奇怪,但是很容易适应
* The STO/RCL function was moved to the HIST/CMD location in the keyboard due to the new VARs menu keys interfering with it. Everything else stayed where the 50g had it.
* STO/RCL功能被移动到了键盘HIST/CMD的位置因为和新的VARs菜单键冲突。其它的都和原50g保持一致。
* The OFF function was moved to the battery compartment for now (pull a battery!). The OFF key performs a Warm-Start due to technical difficulties.

* OFF功能被移动到了电池仓上(拔电池)。由于一些技术上的困难,按OFF键会进行一次热启动

Feel free to explore the docs here, and the detailed status to see which commands are already implemented here.
There are a few more commands (several that deal with matrices) that were implemented but not shown in the list yet.

To install the rom, simply put it on an SD card together with a file called 'update.scp' that contains the text 'newrplfw.bin' inside (no quotes). Then do a normal ROM update and it will pick it up. Upon reset, you'll get a confirmation screen that warns you that the initial install will wipe out all RAM. This is your last warning before you lose anything that wasn't backed up.
To restore to stock firmware, just do a paperclip reset and re-flash the stock rom, but you'll have to use the 2MB special version that's in the .zip file to get Port 2 working again.

Let's concentrate the feedback and questions on this thread.
Enjoy! (and report back!)

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