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发一个“z80”的程序 | Age of Culture II

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As the name suggests, Age of Culture was inspired by the famous computer-game 'Age of Empires'. While playing the game you will get to know two different interfaces: you start playing in the economy-mode, which is real-time-based and after having set up a small army, you get to know the round-based battle mode, which might remind you on games like Chess, Advance Wars for GBA or maybe the Nintendo DS Version of 'Age of Empires'. The game features two types of resources (gold and wood), three different maps, which are fully scrollable, five difficulties, five different unit types, a moderate AI-Player and a very rudimentary cheat tool. I hope you enjoy it. lolje Important Note: In order to play the game you need to have xLIB installed. For detailed instructions just view the Readme. Note(2): I didn't actually check for emulator compability, but the (very) early versions were compatible to PindurTI...

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呃~age……画面还不错哈~顶个 1# imath

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这个Age of Empires III我手机上就有(我手机分辨率128*128的……Nokia 6108……),最后一关愣是打不过去了……不过这个作者很强啊!!!能不能移植到9860呢~

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imath 发表于 2012-1-31 17:04是68K的么错啊……

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