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Fx-es加仿真器请求 / Fx-es plus emulator request

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任何人都有一个fx-es加仿真器可以下载? 我在上找到了一些网站(,在这个网站上有一个网站(。 html),但几乎所有的都有死链接。 只有一个可以下载在然而,当我运行模拟器,我得到“发生内部错误0x000010002”。



此外,任何人都可以将密钥集保存在 ... hlight=fx-es%2Bplus?


Do anyone have a fx-es plus emulator that can be downloaded? I found some sites on ( and one on this site (at, but almost all of them have dead links. The only one that can be downloaded is at however when I run the emulator I get "An internal error occurred. 0x000010002".

I also found a uncracked version at .

Note: I need a fx-es plus emulator and not a fx-es emulator because I already found an easy way to upgrade the fx-82es emulator permanently.

Moreover, anyone keep the keyset at ... hlight=fx-es%2Bplus ?

user202729 发表于 2016-12-12 23:27:50

我发现了模拟器自己(在fx-es加研究PDF)。 但是,是4.0版本(特别是fx-570es plus)可用吗? 我想没有,因为程序非常罕见,我想。

I found the emulator myself (in the fx-es plus research PDF). But, is version 4.0 (specifically fx-570es plus) available? I think no, because the program is very rare, I think.

yzhang37 发表于 2017-9-6 10:01:35

user202729 发表于 2016-12-12 23:27
我发现了模拟器自己(在fx-es加研究PDF)。 但是,是4.0版本(特别是fx-570es plus)可用吗? 我想没有,因 ...

Already have, before the end of this year, the fx-Manager PLUS 2.2 will be packed and only for study use.

yzhang37 发表于 2017-9-6 10:05:14

Keyset is too old, it was compiled by Visual Basic 6.0, and it relies on some pictures on a discontinued domain of Discuz. So, it can no longer worked any more.
fx-ES PLUS Emulator contains key-log functions, but now although it was cracked and can be runned without the CD, the keylog option in the popup menu was disabled.

So, maybe it should be some other Disassembly?
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