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TI-Nspire CX CR4 (hardware revision W+) infos

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Some little topic on the new TI-Nspire CX CR4 hardware.
(hardware revision W+ manufactured since November 2015)

New screen, with a new buffer geometry.
The new buffer is 90° rotated making it 240x320 instead of 320x240, and mirrored.
To give you an idea, if you run on a CR4 some code which does not support the new screen it looks like this :
Therefore, TI just completely broke the compatibility with all existing Ndless programs - diabolically brilliant. :P
So either we will have to rebuild all existing Ndless programs, most authors having moved on, and for some of which the source code is not available...
Either a future CR4 Ndless could have some kind of a compatibility layer...
But even in the latter case, it would imply writing the screen buffer two times (normal writing of the original program + fix writing), and so it would have a high performance cost for programs constantly refreshing the screen (nDoom, nQuake, emulators...)- we can expect a halving of the fps if there is no CR4 update.

As a result, natural antidowngrade protection: OS / Boot2 / Diags versions 4.0.0 and earlier will not work properly.
Versions 4.0.1 or newer are mandatory.

The CR4 therefore obviously comes with a new Diags, the CR CX IV DVT (2015/06/08) Diag in Version built on August 18 , 2015.

New boot1 as already stated, version built on July 20, 2015.
Here the bootlog:Boot Loader Stage 1 ( 2015/7/20, 14:47:25
Copyright (c) 2006-2015 Texas Instruments Incorporated
Using production keys

Last boot progress: 0

Available system memory: 28072
Checking for NAND: NAND Flash ID: Generic 1 GBit (0xA1)
SDRAM size: 64 MB
Wakeup Event: ON.
SDRAM memory test:   Pass
Clearing SDRAM...Done.
Clocks:CPU = 156MHz   AHB = 78MHz   APB = 39MHz   
Clearing SDRAM...Done.
Boot option: Normal

Loading from BOOT2 partition...


BOOT1: loading complete (168 ticks), launching <BOOT2> image.

Boot1 has a new boot combo : allowing to reflash the Manuf partition with an RS232 sent image.
Perhaps finally a way to repair TI-Nspire CX calculators whose Manuf has been damaged.

critor 发表于 2016-2-25 05:48:54

According to the new Boot1 log, the new TI-Nspire CX CR4 are faster as slightly overclocked:
Clocks:CPU = 156MHz   AHB = 78MHz   APB = 39MHz
156MHz instead of 132MHz - and therefore a 18% speed increase !

hikari_calyx 发表于 2016-2-25 16:55:47

Thanks for providing valuable information, critor.

name:=rand() 发表于 2016-2-25 17:09:14

Thank you for all that information.
By the way, it can be extremely tough to programme a game with Ndless on CX CR4...Since we have to work out a way to deal with the display problem.

我是宝贝 发表于 2016-2-28 18:39:25

Do you have any pictures of it?

我是宝贝 发表于 2016-2-28 18:39:33

Do you have any pictures of it?

ZephRay 发表于 2016-2-28 19:27:49

I'm curious about whether the screen itself feature a resolution of 240*RGB*320 instead of originally 320*RGB*240.
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