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This is a game for the TI-nSpire!It was based off of a Flash game call Gravnix.It works on the TI-NSpire CX with ndless 3.1 or ndless 3.6 and should work on all of the TI-nspire models.It is a puzzle game.The goal is to clear the board of the colorful blocks (including the rainbow blocks).You do this by chaning the direction and all blocks will slide in that direction if they can.And anytime there are 2 or more blocks of the same color next to each other they will disappear.There are a few special blocks found in some levels that adds even more depth to the game.You only have a certain number of moves.I hope you enjoy it!
How to play:
Navigate the menu using the arrow keys (or 2 and 8 keys) and the Enter key to start a new game.
Use the arrow keys (or 2,4,6 and 8 keys) to change the direction the blocks slide around the board
Use the – and + keys to undo and redo your moves.
Extra levels:
This program works with external level files!There is only a sample level that is very easy.See the source code file GravnixLevels.h to see the make-up of the puzzle files should you want to make your own.Extra level files which can be placed in any folder on the calculator.A subfolder is a great place to put them.When you first ran nGravnix-sdl it registered the extension ‘gravnix’ and so because the levels have the extension ‘gravnix’ at the end it is associated with the nGravnix-sdl program.Let me know if you’d be interested in a level editor or additional levels!
I included my source.I programmed with C++ which you can find out more here: uses nSDL as well as the ndless Software Development Kit.
A.J. Orians

嘛其实就是一个蛮好玩的消除方块 小游戏,基于:这个移植的w。趣味性很高,适合闲时打发时间(糊)、、、(需要ndless3.1/3.6支持!


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