critor 发表于 2014-8-30 23:29:35

Upgrade the fx-9860G Slim to 2.04

Unlike the fx-9860G and fx-9860GII, the last official update for the fx-9860G Slim is version 1.11.A 2.00 version was briefly made available on the Casio web site and quickly removed - the fx-9860G Slim was never updated again.

Yes, the fx-9860G has some similar problem, the last official update being version 2.01.
But on the difference, we can reflash it with the fx-9860GII 2.04 version.

Unfortunately, reflashing the fx-9860G Slim with an fx-9860GII OS is not enough. Some physical differences with the keyboard and the screen will make it unusable, with swapped keys and an inverted display.{:13_322:}

Fortunately, a patch for the fx-9860GII SH3 2.04 OS is now available and will make it work on the fx-9860G Slim ! {:13_332:}
Now enjoy all the features which were added since version 1.11 those last years :

Source & download :

Ulysses 发表于 2014-8-31 15:23:53

Exciting News!
Thanks for the excellent work!

lazydog 发表于 2014-9-6 16:29:10

so good,though I do not have this machines.;p
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