critor 发表于 2014-7-6 21:35:36

1st HP-Prime unofficial firmware & assembly code

First unofficial assembly code run on the HP-Prime, thanks to the first third-party firmware {:13_324:}

In november 2013, I proved it was possible to flash a modified firmware to the HP-Prime, the most powerful graphing calculator to date which was released for back to school 2013. A previous experiment on modifying firmware, made by Lionel Debroux and I in August 2013, had failed because the modified firmware hadn't actually been transferred to the calculator.

However, I only modified some data (a displayed string). It remained to be seen if it was possible to modify some executable code, and due to the widespread indifference regarding such experiments within the HP community I moved on to other projects like mViewer GX.

No, the picture below isn't showing you some meager diagnostic screen or mViewer GX document...
Lionel Debroux, who bought a HP-Prime in the meantime, has continued our experiments and has just successfully built his own firmware, in which he included some assembly code to display a RGB pattern (red/green/blue). :D

Tonight is a big day in the history of the HP-Prime. Unlike the TI-Nspire, we've demonstrated you that it is possible to build and flash any compatible firmware on the HP-Prime, and in the same time we've performed the first execution of third-party assembly code on the HP-Prime ! :bj:

After eight months lost, the success door is finally wide open to the HP community: fixing bugs for the official firmware, building a shell / kernel to allow the execution of assembly code on the official firmware and benefit from even more powerful programs, porting Linux...
Whether this great advance is going to wake up the HP community from its apathy or not, a surprising one after the wonders and miracles performed on the HP-48 and HP-49 calculator families... is a good question. It's one of the chances for the user community to save the HP-Prime from being forgotten, unless HP changes its mind and does all this by itself.

Source & Download :

name:=rand() 发表于 2014-7-6 21:51:47

A splendid job!But is it stable?And is itmore powerful than the official OS?
I am looking forward to a day that there are so many firmwares for you to choose for HP Prime just like an Android phone...

The_Andy! 发表于 2014-7-6 22:08:41

Oh man that's awesome!
You guys are encouraging me to buy one,Thank you so much!

lch 发表于 2014-7-6 22:14:06

Awesome! Thanks for your hard work!{:13_342:}Does this means that we can program through other language on the calculator? I wonder whether this can change the device into a brick.
As far as I am concerned, it really adds a reason to buy a HP Prime. {:13_331:}

critor 发表于 2014-7-6 22:19:44

Yes, it's possible.

But it has yet to be made easier ;)

lazydog 发表于 2014-7-6 23:43:02

It makes me think about nlauncher. :p
But I think it's more powerful.
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